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Price Hive -
Best in class price management system for B2B sales

In times of skyrocketing costs and volatile demand, sales and controlling need a structured system to set and track the right prices across customer segments and products
Price Hive is the solution: It includes both cost development and customer value with proven algorithms.

With the Price Hive we were the only company in the industry that was able to pass through the incredible cost increase – we finally could also see which customers were profitable“, CEO global Base Material Manufacturer

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Product description
Customer segmentation in pricing: Price Hive supports you in treating apples and oranges differently.

Price Hive


1. A hive is a perfect organization and structure

2. The hive is where the honey is made

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The team behind the price-hive is set together by a blend of senior level consultants in pricing and sales, top-managers with hands-on sales experience and skilled IT- and data-experts.